Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome....About this Blog....How to Use the Blog

In this day of social networking, I thought one morning, why not create a blog with positive, inspiring, creative, thoughtful, witty, (you get the idea) content. We need a positive place to go to take a break from everyday life; to learn how others are making a difference in the world; to create our own thoughts and ideas and gain inspiration for what we would like to do to contribute to others and even to ourselves.

I thought through a blog, I, as well as other team authors, and you, as commentators, could contribute to the content. We can all share our own thoughts, insights, experiences and creative endeavors so everyone can benefit.

At this time, the world needs every positive, loving thought and deed we can create to help this world, our Earth, to be a little better place to live for everyone.

I welcome you to join me in this new adventure of creativeness, community, and positive thoughts. Please become a follower and commentator and make your own contributions.

There are a few ground rules I would like to establish:
1- This is a positive site! Therefore all negative comments, judgements, and criticisms are discouraged.
2- No vulgar, pornographic, or adult content will be acceptable.
3- Please make your entries as short and concise as reasonably possible.
4- Only post that which you are legally entitled to post. No copyright infringements please.

Suggested content to contribute:
1- Post a poem
2- Post a positive thought
3- Post a story of a kind or thoughtful act or deed you did or observed
4- Post a joke, funny saying or story
5- Post a photo
6- And if you want to contribute but can't think of anything to say, then complete this sentence:
"Make a beautiful Earth by............."

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this site, please let me know.

I look forward to our joint venture in making the Earth and our lives a little more beautiful a bit at a time!!!!!!

Elaine L.


  1. Hi Elaine! Congrats on doing this...I am happy to be here and look forward to visiting often...
    My thought for the moment:
    There is no such thing as an idle make yours juicy and abundant!!
    Blessings~ **Amy** :)

  2. Your blog is a gift! Make this a beautiful day by offering a random act of kindness!
    In Joy Camie

  3. It really is a breath of fresh air to come across something like this. In these troubled times, whether they be personal or part of the bigger economical picture, we need a positive movement. Keep it up! I look forward to stopping by daily :-)